Sunday, February 15, 2009


The "news" floating around our little corner is that davefromqueens has died.

Check the news.

Personally, I never liked him much. Thought his attitude and actions reeked of obsession and stupidity, and the diary I linked to is almost insultingly idiotic with its commentary on "stress about how the community moderation system at Daily Kos works".

Which is a shame, because I liked Timaeus. But we all react differently to news, and Timmy apparently decided to react like a fucking moron and imply that users on DK contributed to DFQ's death.

Shame on you, Timaeus. Tonight, sir, you're a God damned douchebag.

In any event, if it is true that DFQ has passed on, then I'd like to offer my sympathies to his friends and family, though likely they will never see this blog.

Despite my personal opinions of him, a loss is a loss, and his passion could not be denied.

May he be at peace and let's all try and remember that despite our personal differences, we're all on the same side.

RIP Dave.

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