Saturday, February 14, 2009

The fall of Pacific John

I'm not big on feuding. Takes away from my drinking time.

But sometimes, something pops up that is so absurd and outright insane, that I have to jump in with both feet and just say what's on my mind.

Pacific John has turned into a fucking idiot.

It's a shame. On DK he was an awesome writer. He then chose to support Clinton during the primaries, which didn't affect his writing. Then he turned into a "Clintonista," a term I use to describe a Clinton supporter who loses their rationality and intelligence in their fervent desire to get Clinton elected.

Now, he's got his head so far up Alegre's ass that when he spits, she can taste his breakfast. "It's self-evident that Alegre is being vindicated daily"? Is he fucking stoned?

The only thing that's self-evident is that he turned from a solid writer to a dishonest hack blindly supporting Clinton and blindly hating Obama (and Obama's supporters).

The funniest and most dishonest line of his orgasm of bullshit is this:

Advocacy groups will experience a lot of trauma as they either become obsolete, or disentangle from their one-person movement to find their way back to where we are, honest critics.

If I was able to select any adjective to describe the idiots and whiners on Alegre's site, "honest critics" would be mighty far down the list.

But the site is awesome when you need to go see what delusion looks like.

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