Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stimulus bill: a monument to the power of the minority.

We got stimulus, in a way.

A gutted, weaker version of stimulus loaded with tax cuts and sorely lacking in educational needs and relief for lower income families.

I'd like to draw your attention you this passage from the above link, in particular the bolded part:

But even as Congressional leaders and top White House officials went through the package with a carving knife, it was clear that the three Republicans who agreed to support the bill in the Senate wielded extraordinary power, and along with conservative Democrats in their coalition, had put a firm stamp on the stimulus package.

Some of that can be good, I suppose (Specter's insistence of more funding for medical research, for example), but the mere chance (looks more like fact to me, unfortunately) that three Republicans can force drastic changes upon a bill like this is downright scary.

That's not "bipartisanship," that's "blackmail."

I'm all for Obama trying to include the Republicans in negotiations and discussions about bills. It makes it much easier for everyone to see what obstructionist shitbags they are. But when such inclusion results in a handful of vaguely moderate Republicans holding the bill hostage, then we have problems.

Especially with conservative Democrats so pants-happy about bipartisanship.

Let's be clear here: Republicans lost, Democrats won.

The American people made CLEAR choices, both in 2006 and even more so in 2008.

I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt and the benefit of time to both Obama and the Democrats in Congress, but they need to remember.

They won. Now they should start acting like it.

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Johnny Venom said...

This speaks more on the inability of Pelosi and Reid on doing their god damn jobs, than it does the GOP. To let the Republicans corral them like this, well it just shows how the Democrats need to also clean house, if you know what I mean.